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Marriage Records include: vital details such as dates, locations, and names.

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Free Public Record Searches

In the early days, making inquiries for a person or business through public records was quite hard and required a lot of time and effort. The bureaucratic labyrinths of differing jurisdictions, location, and access to policies made it complicated to make use of public records as a research tool. Just getting started requires a lot of travel to different places like state archives, county courthouses, city licensing bureaus and all, just to find relevant information.

Thanks to the Internet, free access to public records is now more convenient. The federal, state and local governments have all acted in response to the demands to make some public record information available without requiring physical visits to their facilities. Today, a collection of public records is accessible online, and the good thing is that both the quantity and quality of these records increases day by day.

Easy online access to public records does solve the problem of having to visit several locations to get information. But this doesn't mean you'll get all the data you need. Online access to public records doesn't address important problems such as knowing what public records are available, knowing where to find them and being forced to retype search criteria on each and every site.

However, there are sites especially skilled in finding public records related to a person, business or address. One is the United States Vital Records Information. This public records search site gives details as to how you can get important records like birth certificate, death records, marriage licenses and divorce decreed from every state, region and district of the United States.

CIA's Electronic Reading Room is a great resource for it allows you to take a glance at CIA public records. Another useful site is the Lexis-Nexis. This free public records search database is a wonderful source for archive stories, state government records and civil court records.

These are just among the many useful resources that you can use. Although they can provide you with the data you need, they are striving to improve their coverage and accuracy.

Public Records [] provides detailed information on Public Records, Free Public Records, Free Public Record Searches, Free Public Criminal Records and more. Public Records is affiliated with Police Equipment [].

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